Save the United Kingdom

Vote Tactically for Labour or Lib Dem candidates to get rid of Cameron!
Use your vote wisely and encourage others to do so too!

GET RID OF CAMERON! is supporting a Labour - Lib Dem Coalition in the 2015 British General Election. 

To save the Economy and the Union; Cameron and his cronies must go!

The Top Reasons for Removing Cameron are:- 

  1. Tories are building up the SNP - The Conservative party was in part to blame for the rise of the SNP after it helped prop up Alex Salmond’s minority government in the Scottish parliament between 2007 and 2011.[link
  2. Economy tanked to win over UKIPers - Most economists see EU referendum having negative impact on our economy. [link]
  3. Tories vilify the poor - Tory cuts are on track to dramatically increase child poverty yet it's the lifestyle choices of the parents and benefits culture the conservatives have the public blaming. [link]
  4. Pasty Tax - Tories couldn't see any problem adding taxes to Pasties [link]
  5. NHS Failures - If you have been fortunate enough to avoid seeing a Doctor in the last 5 years you may not know of the 100's of failings the conservatives have been the architects of. [link]
  6. Tax dodging - Conservative & UKIP MEPs in Brussels voted against measures which would have clamped down on dodgy tax practices. [link]
  7. "Porn Filter" - An insidious fiction, making no technological sense, and handing the government (and any future government) the "moral" authority to block any website they like. [link]
  8. "Bedroom Tax" - The vast majority can't move to a smaller Council House as there aren't any available. [link]
  9. Food Banks - Since gaining power in 2010 the number of Food Banks has rocketed. And will go even higher under Camerons planned benefits cut. [link]
  10. Royal Mail Privatised - Even Thatcher wasn't willing to privatise the Queens face and to short change the Tax Payer too. Shame on you Cameron. [link]